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What Our Clients Say About Us

"Sara and Karen at Birth Your Way were nothing short of AMAZING! My husband and I absolutely LOVED hiring them as our doulas, and it was the best birth investment we made. period. We really wanted a natural birth, and this was our first birth, so we were nervous! The meetings beforehand have lots of great information for us, and tools to prepare for the birth. But, what really was amazing, was the support during and after the birth. I really think I wouldn't have been able to make it without the unbelievable support of my husband and Sara (she was the doula available - it's really cool that Sara and Karen work together so whoever is available on the day of, will be your doula - ensuring that you will know your doula, and don't have to worry about your doula being sick, or having another birth etc.). Sara was so knowledgeable and was able to guide us the whole time. (NOTE: This is the way we used to work, and could do so again if you prefer, but now we usually have our own clients.) She blew me away with how hard she worked the entire time to make sure I was comfortable. Every contraction, she was right there, by my side doing all these wonderful techniques to help relieve the pain! And, we were able to have our natural childbirth! It was truly a dream come true. I will never be able to thank Karen and Sara enough for helping my husband and I bring our little cutie into the world! We had a hospital birth this first-time, but now I am very excited to have either a birth center, or a home birth with their help the next time! No matter how many children you've had, where you are having your birth, or your birth plan - Sara and Karen will be there to support you the whole time! Give them a call to meet with them today! It'll be the best investment into your baby's birth."

- Mary F.

"Where to begin, Karen was amazing! I mostly labored at home and continued on to my local birth center, where Karen was present and active at both. Thankfully she was super attentive to my husband's middle-of-the-night weekend call...the most inconvenient time for labor did not deter Karen. While I was hesitant to have her come over just yet, thinking my labor would be long as a first-time mama, my husband and she thought it best to proceed. Boy was I relieved to see Karen when she promptly arrived. My contractions sped up faster than anticipated and she was prepared right away with heat packs for my lower back and counterpressure massage. Although my husband had been helping in the couple of hours prior, she knew exactly where to apply the pressure. Equipped with various essential oils, she utilized those to help me relax. Karen proposed different positions and techniques that I wouldn't have thought of at the moment. Had she not been present, my husband and I would have thought I was hemorrhaging due to all of the fluid loss prior to birth, which I didn't realize was normal in my case. She also worked at keeping me hydrated, calm, and timed my contractions. Karen met some unexpected challenges from the midwife head-on. She was attentive, coached, and made appropriate suggestions for the various stages of labor. Towards the pushing phase, Karen once again had her hands full and may have very well almost lost her hands due to all of my gripping and grunting! She was a trooper, never complained, and was by my side from beginning to end. I would highly recommend her and her team. I too once thought I wouldn't need a doula or that maybe it was an extra or luxury, but don't be fooled, doulas are extremely helpful. Note to all first-time parents, classes are wonderful, but when it's go time, you're essentially showing up for a game that you've never played and you'll want the help by your side!"

- Krystal C.

"My husband and I had our first child in late November of 2016. When we first met Sara we were struck immediately not only by how personable she was, but also how knowledgeable.

In the months before my delivery Sara was an invaluable source of comfort. She was always available to text with information if I had any questions and she regularly would check in to see how I was doing.

During my son's birth Sara's constant support had a calming effect not only on myself but on my husband as well. Her experience and her preparation helped make this intense and life-changing moment as vibrant and beautiful as possible.

My husband and I highly recommend her, and we plan to seek her out when we have a second child."

- Amber P.

"We're grateful to Karen for all her help in our birth story. We were sort of last-minute clients and she really made herself available to help us. We had a lot of questions prior to birth and not only did she answer them but she also gave us research and helpful tips to get us ready for the birthing process. I was two weeks late with my little one and she continuously kept in contact with me and was very thoughtful and helping me to relax to help me get the baby out. She got a call from us in the middle of the night to meet us at the birthing center and then we ended up having to go to the hospital and when she helped us in getting there and keeping me comfortable. I was very appreciative of her motherly touch and because I was in back labor I was in need of support for my back and she helped me by rubbing my back and helping me use my oils. She also was very supportive of our birth plan and personal choices due to our beliefs. We were just so appreciative for her loving helping hand and in keeping us calm and keeping me hydrated and as comfortable as could be in the circumstances. She went above and beyond for us and we are so appreciative to her to this day. And she got to share one of the most important days of our lives with us."

- Heather O.

"Sara was our doula for the birth of my third daughter in October of 2016.

From the moment we had our first meeting, I instantly liked her. She was incredibly sweet, calm, and was able to answer every question I had for her. My family felt the same way about her and she was so patient and playful with my toddler.

The birth took place in a birthing center with a midwife. Sara was an amazing support to me, my husband, and my family during labor and my recovery. She provided comfort measures throughout and made sure my husband and I had everything we needed. After delivery, Sara made sure my husband and I were fed and able to relax with our new addition.

One thing I found really special was presented to me during our postpartum visit. Sara took the time to write my birth story from her eyes. I will treasure it always!

I would most definitely recommend Sara to anyone. If I ever have another baby, I would certainly want her there as my doula."

- Melinda M.

"Karen attended the birth of my first son and I'm pretty sure she saved me an unnecessary C-Section. My son was 8lbs 2oz, with a 98th percentile head size and he was sunny side up. She was so supportive and helpful. She helped us decide when to call the midwife and ask about getting me checked (my contractions were not regular, so it was hard to tell). She did a lot of counterpressure and hip squeezes that were very helpful for my back labor. I distinctly remember when they decided to give me a catheter I started to freak out and she just said "Hey, look at me." so I did "Knowing everything you have been through tonight, this isn't going to be a big deal" and she just said with such complete conviction that I had to believe her. I calmed down more quickly than I would have thought possible (and she was right, it wasn't a big deal). I did Hypnobabies and she was the only one in the room who remembered to transfer to the "pushing" track when I started pushing. When I pushed my husband was holding one of my arms and Karen was holding my leg and my other arm and I would pull on them with all my might. This went on for quite a while and she never tired out. I must have made her so sore."

- Chelsea C.

"Sara and Karen were very helpful at the birth of our third child. A homebirth with midwife attending.

The older children were waking up when we called in the doula. We wanted another adult here in case the children needed breakfast or attention while I needed comforting. This was not a problem for them (even at 8am on a Saturday morning).

In addition to helping with our older children...

They provided physical support: counterpressure for back labor and even helped hold me up during the final stretch. (No pun intended. :))

They provided emotional support: encouraging words.

They provided practical advice: suggestions for speeding things up, positions to labor in.

I would recommend them."

- Dena B.

"Karen was a wonderful help at the birth of my son. I know she was of tremendous assistance to my wife (and she wrote about it, so you can too!) and for me she was great about making sure I had the things I needed to keep supporting my wife. I can say with near certainty that Karen was the only reason I remembered to eat and drink anything the entire time we were at the birthing centre.

I felt confident that I didn't have to worry about anything other than my wife and child with Karen there, and I think that that is universally important to anyone supporting their partner during their birthing time.

I can't say enough good things about Karen, or all the help she provided us with."

- Spenser C.